Is the use of the mask mandatory?
From 1st  June only in internal spaces, or in external areas where the safety distance is not guaranteed.
Can you go to the swimming pool?
Yes, however, there are restrictions to be respected regarding the distance between the sunbeds, and the use of a cap will probably be required.

How are the sunbeds arranged on the beach?
Every day you will have the same place assigned, and in the evening a sanitization of all equipment will be carried out.
Are there any limitations at our restaurant?
For logistical reasons, we have converted the breakfast buffet to a new buffet with plexiglass: you can see and choose the dishes you want, then an operator will serve you.
Are there any limitations on the breakfast buffet, and on the menu?
This year we have tried to eliminate as much as possible all the dishes that needed long preparations and manipulations, to give space to new things always respecting your safety.

Are there any restrictions on the use of air conditioning?
Yes, the use of air conditioning is not possible in the common areas, bar, lobby and restaurant. In the rooms instead, they can be air conditioned. We ask our kind customers to open the windows every day.

What measures will take to sanitize the rooms (reastaurant, hall,  rooms and swimming pool)?

In addition to the use of classic alcohol-based products, sodium hypochlorite, disinfection will be carried out with an atomizer and the use of hydrogen peroxide. In addition, frequent ventilation of the premises several times a day will be guaranteed

Are the restaurants and shops open in town? Everything is open, kiosks on the beach, restaurants, supermarkets.
Are the markets operational?
Yes, everything remains unchanged.

Are discos and night clubs open?
Since mid-June, they have been studying outdoor entertainment solutions.